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Looking to Save on Credit Card Debt? 

As the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, credit card rates rise too. Accordingly, if you have credit card debt, then be prepared to pay more on your credit card. Now is the best time to think about a debt consolidating CU Save Personal Loan. It offers easy ways to pay less finance charges and lower your monthly payments. 

CU Save Personal Loan: Enjoy a 4% Rate Reduction Discount 1,2

This personal loan is perfect for refinancing high-rate debt into one low-rate loan that offers an affordable payment plan over a set period of time. Here’s how it works: When you apply for a personal loan, you will receive a 4% rate reduction discount off the rate that you qualify for when the loan is approved. For example, if you qualified for a rate of 11.35% APR* based on our standard rate, the revised or singular discount rate will be 7.35% APR*.

FREE CU Save Loan Savings Analysis

How much can you save? Find out before you apply! Simply request a free CU Save Loan Savings Analysis. We’ll compare your current credit card and/or auto rates and terms and show you how much less you’ll pay with us!

We’re here for you, and we care more than ever about our members’ health and financial wellbeing. Apply for a CU Save Loan today!


*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. (1) Promotion begins ​July 1, 2022 and ends ​September 31, 2022. All loan rates, terms, and conditions subject to change. Must be a Member in good standing and meet underwriting guidelines. (2) Personal Rate Reduction offer not available to refinance existing E-Central personal loans, personal lines of credit, or credit card balances. “As low as” Personal Loan rates listed are our best rates on approved credit. Relationship discounts are as follows: 0.50% discount for electing automatic payment from your E-Central account and having an E-Central Direct Deposit of at least $2,000 per month; 0.40% discount for being an E-Central Member for at least eight (8) years. Other factors in determining rate may include any applicable exceptions, overall deposit and account balance relationship now and in the future, past and future loan relationships. After all applicable discounts, rate cannot go below 7.35%. Other restrictions may apply. Not all applicants will qualify for this special rate reduction discount. Payment example: $10,000 personal loan at 7.35% for 36 months, your monthly payment is about $310.00. (3) To receive $100 rebate, the loan must be at least $10,000 or greater. The loan must remain open and current on payments for the first 60 days after funding date. Loan must fund before ​March 31, 2022. Rebate offer not available to refinance existing E-Central loans.

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