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​Our Checking Accounts Save You Money!

Saving money and protecting your financial security. It’s more important today than ever before! At E-Central, you can now “Expect More” and “get more” value with our suite of Checking Accounts. Exceptional value, like no other traditional checking account around, is yours!

All of our checking accounts come with access to over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, 5,000 Shared Branching locations, Overdraft Protection, Digital Wallet services and free E-Banking and Mobile Banking access.

Take a look at our checking account comparison to select the one that’s right for you​.

  Everything Premium Checking Everything Checking Basic Plus Checking
BaZing Fuel​       Yes Yes No
Roadside Assistance     Yes  Yes No
Cell Phone Protection1,3





ID Theft Aid & Restoration1,2 $10,000 $5,000 $1,000
Credit Monitoring,3 Yes No No
Buyer's Protection and Extended Warranty1,2 During first 180 days of purchase During first 180 days of purchase During first 90 days of purchase
Health Savings Card Yes Yes No
Accidental Death Coverage2 $25,000 Accidental Death $10,000 Travel Accidental Death No
BaZing Savings Yes No No
Pays a Dividend Yes No No
Monthly Fee Only $9.95 per month Only $5.95 per month Maintain a $100 daily minimum balance and we'll waive the $3.95 monthly fee
Learn More Everything Premium Checking Reference Guide  Everything Checking Reference Guide   ​Basic Plus Checking Reference Guide 

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay can provide extra protection and peace of mind for those times (overdrafts) when there are just not enough funds in your Checking Account to cover a transaction, whether it’s from paying a bill with a paper check or using a Debit Card for a purchase.

Learn more about Overdraft Protection and our Courtesy Pay program below:

When you link your E-Central Savings Account to your Checking Account, you’ll avoid the costly fees associated with having insufficient funds in your account. A personal line of credit​ also can be used as a financial backstop. When your checking balance falls below zero, funds will be transferred automatically to your Checking Account.

E-Central’s Courtesy Pay service covers overdrafts from checks, Visa Debit Card and ATM transactions.

  • We honor up to $300, $500 or $1,000 in overdrafts++
  • For transactions $5.00 or less, there will be no fee (Effective: June 1, 2016)
  • We charge your account when an overdraft occurs and notify you by mail
  • We limit overdraft fees to a maximum of four (4) fees per day. (Effective: June 1, 2016)
  • You must bring your account current within 15 days

To learn more, read: What You Need to Know about Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees (Effective: June 1, 2016)

++Courtesy Pay requires an E-Central Checking Account (E-Builder not eligible). Total coverage amount includes all fees. Courtesy Pay fee is $30 per occurrence. Maximum number of fees per day is four (4). Certain restrictions apply.


1. Subject to the terms and conditions detailed in the Guide to Benefits. 2 Insurance products are: NOT A DEPOSIT. NOT FEDERALLY INSURED. NOT AN OBLIGATION OR GUARANTEED BY THE CREDIT UNION, ITS AFFILIATES, OR ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY. 3 Identity and credit monitoring require additional activation for monitoring to begin. 4 You’ll receive a one-time activation reward of $0.10 per gallon when you activate BaZing Fuel. You’ll earn a monthly reward of $0.10 per gallon each month when you have 15 eligible debit card transactions post and settle during the Monthly Qualification Cycle (MQC), which is defined as the first day of the month through the last day of the month. Only transactions posted during the MQC will count towards the monthly reward for that MQC. The following activities do not count toward earning BaZing Fuel: ATM withdrawals, transfers between  accounts, deposit or refund transactions. Transactions posted during the MQC greater than the monthly reward requirement will be stored to count towards a bonus reward of $0.10 per gallon. When you have 50 stored bonus transactions you will earn the bonus reward. You will continue to earn bonus rewards for every 50 stored bonus transactions accrued. If the required monthly reward transaction count is not met during the MQC, no transactions are counted for any reward during that MQC or the bonus reward. BaZing Fuel is limited to 20 gallons of fuel per purchase, per vehicle, or fraud limits placed by Shell and/or limits placed on your payment card by your financial institution, each of which may be lower. To activate, you will need to have online banking with your financial institution. Refer to the BaZing Fuel Terms and Conditions for full disclosures. BaZing Fuel offer may be changed at any time and without notice.

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