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We're transparent about our fees.

These monthly fees and other charges are effective ​January 1, 2021.
Savings Accounts
Inactivity Fee (if inactive for one year; only if balance < $500) $9.00
Excess Withdrawal Fee
(> 6 withdrawals per month from membership savings)
Fair Share Fee
(assessed if you have less than $250 combined savings and loan balances based on the last business day of the month. Waived if you have an active checking account, or if you are under 18 years old, or if you are a new member within a 1 year period)
Checking Accounts

Basic Plus Checking

Monthly fee waived if a daily balance of $100 or higher is maintained.

Everything Checking $5.95
Everything Premium Checking $9.95
Classic Checking (not available any more) $5.00
E-Builder $10.00
E-Free Checking (not available anymore) $0.00

Premium Value Checking (not available anymore)

A $5.00 fee will be imposed if a $500 minimum balance is not maintained. 

Check Orders Printer's charge varies
Temporary Checks Order (free at opening of account) $5.00
Courtesy Pay $30.00
Plastic Cards
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Card Free
Central Access (Debit) Card Free
Excessive ATM Withdrawals (more than 5 in one month) $1.50 each
ATM/Debit Card Replacement
(after 3 replacements)
E-Banking  Free
Mobile Banking Free
Credit Union Withdrawal Check
(if payable to member, 1 Free per day)
Check Cashing Fee at Teller Line
(< $100 aggregate balance of loans & shares)
Money Market Withdrawal Check (3 Free per month) $15.00
Money Market Withdrawal Check (if less than $250) $15.00
Outgoing Wire - Domestic $25.00
Outgoing Wire - Foreign $40.00
Copy of C.U. Withdrawal Check $5.00
Copy of Deposited Check $4.00
Copy of Cleared Share Check $4.00
Copy of Statement (immediate, by fax) $10.00
Copy of Statement (2-3 days, by mail) $3.00
Temporary Checks (Free at opening of account) $5.00
Transfer to Another Institution $20.00
Stop Payment $15.00
Verification of Deposit (VOD) $5.00
Check by Phone ​$7.00
Return Mail Fee $2.00
Automatic Overdraft Transfer
(No charges for the first 3 transfers from Membership Savings per month for Everything Premium, Premium Value, Classic, or E-Builder checking)
E-Free Overdraft Transfer $10.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Check (per presentment) $30.00
Courtesy Pay (per presentment) $30.00
Lien or Levy Fees $30.00
Early Holiday Club Withdrawal $10.00
Excessive Withdrawals from Personal Savings
(1 Free per quarter)
$10.00 each
Real Estate Demand for Payoff $60.00
Real Estate Reconveyance $70.00
Incoming Collection $15.00 + cost
Statement Reconciliation $25.00/hour
IRA Transfer to Another Institution $20.00
IRnet Funds Transfer (Fee will vary by destination) CALL
Inactive Account Notice $2.00
Special Check Handling (Clearing of exception items printed by unauthorized check printer) $15.00

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