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Call 626.799.6222 for anytime access.

With our Teller-Phone audio response service, you can access your account balances, transfer funds, receive information about dividends and interest rates, and much more. All you need is a Teller-Phone PIN to get started.

Call our Member Services Dept. at 626.799.6000 to receive your PIN and then access Teller-Phone at 626.799.6222. When Teller-Phone requests your account number, do not enter any of the zeroes before a non-zero number. Enter your PIN followed by # and you can access all of Teller-Phone's features.

Options Menu

Here's everything you can accomplish through Teller-Phone.

Action Keypad Command
Account Balances 1 #
Account History 2 #
Cleared Checks 3 #
Loan Inquiries 4 #
Action Keypad Command
Make a Loan Payment 1 #
Transfer Funds 2 #
Cross-Member Transfer 3 #
Withdrawals 4 #
Action Keypad Command
Access a Different Membership 1 #
PIN Change 2
Report a Lost ATM/Debit Card 3 #
Activate an ATM/Debit Card 4 #
Stop a Payment 5 #

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