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Hassle-free Car Buying at E-Central!

Searching for a new or used car in today’s market can be both exciting and frustrating. Most people start with the dealer and are enticed by the low-rate financing specials offered by many car manufacturers. However, the best place to start is with E-Central.

Don’t Be Fooled

Truth be told, most of the car manufacturing financing specials are for shorter terms, limited models, or only for “well qualified” borrowers, which means people with pristine credit. In comparison, our rates are very competitive and generally more favorable with longer term options, such as 72 or 84 months.

Moreover, we reward members with discounts based on their banking relationship with us. For those members who are credit-challenged or have no credit, our Ez Car Loan program is an excellent alternative to the subprime lending programs offered by a dealer.

More Ways to Save with E-Central

One of the largest profit centers for dealers is selling ancillary products, such as GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) and extended warranty plans. The mark-up for those items is huge. Dealers can sometimes disguise the cost of these plans by bundling them into the overall cost of the purchase. Be wary of this strategy. To help our members save money we offer similar plans, but significantly more affordable, which results in a lower monthly payment.

Get Pre-Approved

The first step in your car buying strategy should be getting preapproved with E-Central. Being preapproved empowers you, because you’ll know exactly what you can afford. Dealers on the other hand, don’t care what you can afford; they just want to sell you a car. Our approach is to ensure you are educated on the best financing options that meet your financial budget.

Car Buying Made Easy

Our in-house auto buying partner, Direct Auto Sales, can help you research, locate and find the best deal without shopping at multiple car dealerships. And, unlike a car dealer, there’s no pressure to buy additional add-ons that you don’t need. Moreover, the auto buying consultant and assigned loan officer will work together to make purchasing a new car easy and stress free. Once you settle on the exact car, it can be delivered to your home, place of work, or to E-Central.



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