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Enhanced Card Services

24/7 Activation. ​Personalize Your PIN. ​New Fraud Alerts!

Because our Members “Expect More” from their banking relationship with E-Central, we continue to expand and improve our payment card services to better meet your needs. We are excited to announce a new automated phone system that allows you to activate your debit card 24-hours a day, seven days a week. You can also change your card’s personal identification number (PIN) so you can personalize your PIN to make it easier to remember.

New Phone System for Debit & ATM Cards

  • Card activation: 800.992.3808
  • Personalize your card PIN: 800.992.3808
  • All other card services (lost/stolen, fraudulent activity, & travel notifications): 833.357.0022

In addition to the new automated phone system, we’ve improved our fraud prevention with real-time transaction alerts via texts and emails. If we don’t already have your cell phone or email address, please contact us.

Digital Wallet Services Coming Soon!

To help speed you through your point-of-sale checkout lines, E-Central will soon add the popular Apple Pay and Google Pay Digital Wallet services. Last but not least, we will be expanding our Mobile Banking by adding new E-Card Controls, which empower you to manage your cards from your phone. These new digital wallet services will be coming to you in Fall 2020.

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