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​Purchase • Refinance 

During our ​​Spring Car Loan Sale, now through ​June 30, 2019, you can earn up to $500 in rebates when you purchase a new or used car or refinance an existing auto loan from another lender. Here’s how your rebate can stack up:

  • Earn up to $200 when you finance or refinance a car (based on loan amount)
  • Earn $100 when you buy a new or used car through​ New Cars Inc.
  • Earn $100 when you elect GAP coverage
  • Earn $100 when Mechanical Breakdown Protection is purchased



What Are GAP & MBP?

GAP is a voluntary, non-insurance program offered as supplemental protection on a vehicle that is financed. If you are unfortunate enough to get into an accident and the vehicle is considered a total loss, GAP waives the difference between the insurance settlement and the payoff of your loan. At E-Central, our GAP coverage pricing is significantly less than what a dealer may charge. Plus, we offer GAP Advantage, which provides you an enhanced benefit of a $1,000 credit towards the financing of a replacement vehicle if financed with the same financial institution.

MBP is similar to an extended warranty offered by a car dealer, but much more affordable. It covers mechanical breakdowns that either occur after your factory warranty expires or aren’t covered by that original warranty.



Promotion begins April 1, 2019 and ends June 30, 2019. For purchase or refinance between $5,000 and $20,000 the rebate is $100. For loans greater than $20,000 the rebate is $200. To receive a rebate, the loan must remain open for 60 days after funding date. Loan must fund before June 30, 2019. All loans subject to credit approval. Rebate offer not available to refinance existing E-Central loans. Refinance rate not to go below current best new car rate as of April 1, 2019. Must be a Member in good standing. When you purchase a new or used car from New Cars Inc., the $100 rebate is in the form of a gift card provided by New Cars Inc. New Cars Inc. is an independent company not owned or operated by E-Central.

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